Side Chicken Parm 6.25
Hand breaded chicken cutlet with sauce and mozzarella cheese

Side Veal Parm 7.25
Hand breaded veal cutlet with sauce and mozzarella cheese

Side Eggplant Parm 4.75
Hand breaded eggplant with sauce and mozzarella cheese

Side Sausage 4.25
Sweet Italian sausage slow cook in our sauce

Side Meatballs 4.25
2 large hand-rolled meatballs in our sauce

Cole Slaw 2.00

6 Rolls 2.00
Our Fresh rolls made from our pizza dough

Grilled Chicken 4.00
Marinated Grilled chicken strips

Chips 1.29

Side Alfredo 4.25
A cup of our alfredo sauce (3 cups equal to 1 quart of sauce)

Mixed Vegetables 4.25
Served with banana hots and marinara sauce

Quart Red Sauce 5.00


  Bowl Quart Appetizer
Chicken Vegetable 4.25 9.00 2.50
All white meat chicken cook with veggies and seasoned to perfection

Chowder 4.50 11.00 3.00
Creamy Chowder made with shrimp, scallops, calamari, potatoes, onions, celery, and bacon

Italian Wedding 4.75 11.00 2.75
 Little hand rolled meats balls with sirloin steak and veggies seasoned to perfection