Pasta Dinners

Pasta Choices: Ziti, Angel Hair, Linguini
Homemade Pasta: These choices are $2.00 additional
Fussilli, Whole Wheat Fussilli, Fettuccini, Tortellini and Gnocci

Pasta with Red Sauce 8.00
Your choice of pasta and sauce

Cheese Lasagna 9.50
Layers of lasagna pasta with a ricotta mix, sauce and Mozzarella cheese

Meat Lasagna 11.00
Layers of lasagna with hamburger, sauce and Mozzarella cheese

Vegetable Lasagna 10.50
Cheese lasagna stuffed with zucchini, eggplant, and spinach

Cheese Ravioli with Red Sauce 11.00
Ricotta stuffed ravioli topped with our red sauce

Tortellini or Gnocchi 9.00

Chicken Parmesan 13.50
Hand breaded chicken cutlet with sauce and Provolone cheese and your choice of pasta

Eggplant Parmesan 12.50
Hand breaded skinless eggplant with sauce and Provolone cheese

Slow cooked in our sauce over choice of pasta

Meatballs 11.00
Slow cooked in our sauce over choice of pasta

Veal Parmesan 14.75
Real veal cutlet hand breaded with our sauce and Provolone cheese with your choice of pasta

Baked Gnocci 14.95
Potato gnocchi served in our pink sauce meatless and topped with Mozzarella

Ragu Alla Bolognese
Beef Ragu, tagiatalle & ricotta

Pollo Alla Vodka 15.95
Chicken, spinach, penne, tossed oil our own vodka sauce.